Understanding the Operating Environment is Key.

We are in a critical time where digital security is key in protecting vital assets. Taking shortcuts or relying on those with minimal expertise will only compound the issue.

Nicolas Chaillan, first U.S Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer

is a C-level executive, and serial entrepreneur, who has launched and sold 12 companies, creating and selling over 180 innovative software products to the Fortune 500 and other corporations. Since his departure from the USAF, he continues to be an advocate for change within the Department of Defense to ensure the United States and our kids have a fighting chance to win against China in 20 years.

Nicolas Chaillan

In the Nic of Time

Former U.S Air Force and Space Force Chief Software Officer, Special Advisor for Cloud Security and DevSecOps at the Department of Defense, Former Special Advisor for Cybersecurity and Chief Architect for Cyber.gov at the Department of Homeland Security.

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Invest in YOURSELF!

The IT pace is insane. If you’re not keeping up, you’re playing catch up. Worse, some of the modern Digital Transformation concepts and technologies such as DevSecOps, Zero Trust, Kubernetes, can make or break your organization. Struggling to move at the pace of relevance, eager to be able to deliver new capabilities with baked-in security multiple times a day so you can leave your competition behind?