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We will be covering top topics around cybersecurity, digital transformation and national security!

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Here is what you may have missed this week:

1. Atlassian, which products have a tremendous number of CVEs (more than I have seen in my entire career), announced a few months ago that they will be moving their on-premise customers to their SaaS solution. Not sure if the goal was to prevent customers from seeing those CVEs any longer as SaaS hosting does not enable companies to properly assess cybersecurity risk – that seems quite convenient for Atlassian. Worse, Atlassian made a tremendous mistake and deleted several hundreds of their SaaS customers’ Atlassian data which is turning into a 2-week downtime debacle. It seems they want you to trust them, lose control of your data, hosting and security and then trust them to manage a service they can’t seem to properly maintain without downtime… probably not the right combination for your success!

Learn more at and (check the comments of customers…)

2. Check out the free, All-Day, DAF CISO Small Business Cybersecurity Boot Camp on 20 April! Join us for the second Air Force and Space Force Chief Information Security Officer’s Blue Cyber Small Business Cybersecurity Boot Camp. Over 600 attendees at the first event in March; 95% of survey takers said they would recommend the boot camp! FREE, All-Day information sessions Small Business Cybersecurity boot camp. Join hundreds of your peers and learn about the resources available to you to help secure your small business and to comply with the DoD’s requirements for small business contractors. Hear from Mr. Aaron Bishop, the DAF CISO about the imperative for small businesses to protect their data and networks, as well as protecting sensitive DOD data. Join us for six, information-packed hours of specialists describing the resources available for small businesses who are already or are considering doing business with the U.S. Space Force or U.S. Air Force or the DoD.

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3. In the Nic of Time upcoming episodes (

  • Join us Tuesday April 19th at 1PM ET with Reid Novotny. Many of the struggles we are facing are due to incompetent and out of touch/date members of Congress. Most people agree that we should have term limits right? Of course, I’ll grow old before Congress passes such a law, if ever. Feeling properly Represented yet? Reid Novotny is currently a Member of the Maryland General Assembly and a Colonel in the Maryland Air National Guard. He is dedicated to serving others and committed to making the United States and Maryland a better place to live, work, and retire. Want to find out what it is like to push cyber laws in the Maryland General Assembly? How did Colonel Reid Novotny ended up leaving the U.S Air Force for the Maryland Air National Guard and become a member of the Maryland General Assembly? As a former Chief of Staff for two DAF CIOs, what did he see? What are the challenges? What created the tremendous tech debt we have today in the Air Force and Space Force?
  • Join us, Tuesday April 19th at 1PM ET for our next episode of In the Nic of Time with Stuart Scheller. This one will make a LOT of noise and you better start posting your questions! This might break the internet! Stuart is probably the only other person I know who made more noise than me leaving the Department of Defense, and for good reasons! He raised awareness about the lack of accountability and complacency of some of today’s Pentagon leaders (probably not tomorrow, thankfully!). Let’s hear what Stuart has to say and let’s compare with my own limited experience and thoughts!

4. Have you missed our last In the Nic of Time Episode about the lessons learned from the Okta breach from LAPSUS$, about Identity Management and multi tenant security issues?

Check it out here:

5. Have you have missed our video on “Kubernetes” so YOU can finally understand why it matters?

Check it out here:

6. So excited that we are finally able to go back to face to face events! I would love to see you if you’re in DC metro at the @F5 Public Sector Symposium on April 19th. If meeting me wasn’t good enough for some odd reason, how about a little trip to the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner? Come on now, you can’t pass on that! In my #Keynote, I will be sharing thoughts regarding the 3 pillars for a Modern Cybersecurity Posture to enable organizations to move at the pace of relevance (yes, cybersecurity CANNOT slow down too much a company or it will be either cheated or by-passed). Moving Target Defense, Zero Trust and Continuous Monitoring with Behavior Prevention.

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